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Getting Started

Very simple! Deposit a one off membership contribution of k100 into any of the below IYEG Pros mobile money accounts:
1. Airtel. : 0973 631 903 (Miriam Chama)
2. MTN : 0761 762270 (IYEMC)
3. Zamtel : 0954 839 545 (IYEMC)

After Depositing

Text the following details to the number you deposited the k100 to:
• Full Name: (first name Last name)
• NRC Number: 453474/71/1
• Referral Code : EYEP003 (ID/Code for the person who recruited you)
• *Transaction Number : (reference number given after depositing money)
• Active Mobile money Acc number: 0979 000 000:
• Address: e.g. Matero, Lusaka and Email adress:(if any):

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How to earn your commissions

Stage 1
Invite 4 friends to join with k100 membership fee and we pay you k25 commission per recruit (4 x k25=k100) and your money is paid back plus k50 bonus talk time. Congratulations, stage 1 is complete!
Total Pay : k150
For more information read document above.

Request Payment

Pay day is every weekend, if you complete a stage or more within the week you get paid on Saturday or Sunday for all completed stages. You can have more than 1 account and maximize your earnings, but with different Identification Numbers

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